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Stump Grinding, Mulching & Chipping

What is Stump Grinding?
Every project estimate for tree removal includes chipping and haul-off as part of the services we provide.  However, stump grinding is not typically part of the overall price. When Arroyo Tree Services removes a tree, we cut the trunk within inches of the surrounding ground level. If you prefer not to have these stumps, we can offer cost effective solutions for removal. Stump grinding mulches the existing tree roots several inches below the surface hiding as it decays naturally.
Be eco-friendly by asking Arroyo Tree Services to leave the tree mulch collected during your project for you landscaping.      
Chipping & Mulching
Chipping is the easiest way to clean up and haul off debris from a removal project. The tree branches and trunks are ground into small mulch chips. The mulch is most often hauled to a landfill. The mulch is an excellent landscape material that we can leave for our customers who prefer that this not be discarded. Mulch is a great way to protect thriving landscape adding nutrients to the soil and helping plants stay hydrated during long hot summers.

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