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Trees don’t just fall without some underlying cause. Learning to identify dying or dead trees before the fall can help avoid damage to surrounding trees and structures. Learn some of the causes and ways to spot problem trees... (Read More)

Tree Trimming & Removal

Reasons for Tree Trimming
As trees age they add growth towards natural light sources. Even though this growth is natural, it can often add un-natural weight and stress on a tree's base or root system. If a tree is not thinned or pruned properly, stress can make it more vulnerable to disease or storm damage. Trimming can also extend the life of some softer wood trees like Bradford Pears or Cedar trees.

Arroyo Tree Services can help you evaluate and determine the proper way to care for your trees for years of enjoyment and beauty.

Tree Removal
If it has been agreed that removal is the best solution, Arroyo Tree Services can provide full-service tree removal and clean-up.  We can carefully remove any size tree with minimal damage to surrounding trees and landscaping. Every proposal includes take-down, chipping, clean-up and haul-off services as part of the job. You can hire Arroyo Tree Services with confidence, knowing that all our workers are insured and professional. It's quality and service we guarantee.